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The RAPNAP database user interface

The RAPNAP (Return Address, Peer Network Address Pair) database is a public resource provided by TipJar LLC.

The RAPNAP database is a listing of senders of e-mail and the e-mail postmarks normally associated with those senders.

When an e-mail filtering system queries the RAPNAP database for a RAPNAP that is not known to be either good or bad, the RAPNAP database sends a "challenge" to the e-mail address in question asking if the network address iin question is a valid e-mail postmark. The challenge may contain the subject line, and who the message was being sent to, for help in reassuring the recipient of the challenge that the message is from legitimate e-mail filtering software protecting the inboxes of people they are trying to reach.

Use this blank to receive an "edit link" in the e-mail that you can use to remove postmarks from the list of postmarks associated with your e-mail address in the RAPNAP database:

The link contained in a RAPNAP challenge may look like
which is a link that will add several listings to your entry in the RAPNAP database. The several listings are designed to include all systems used by large e-mail ISPs (such as who use multiple machines for the outgoing e-mail.

When you have all the machines you ever use to send through listed in your listing in the RAPNAP database, you may use the edit feature to "lock" your listing, so that you will not receive any more challenges based on e-mail that someone else has forged to have your return address on.

When you need to add more postmarks to your RAPNAP entry, you may use the edit feature to unlock your record, if it's locked.

Comments? (this address is RAPNAP-protected, you cannot write to it without getting a RAPNAP listing.)