The pay2send vision

(this is a working draft) A free demonstration e-mail forwarding account is available pay2send does not attempt to distinguish "ham" from "spam." Rather, pay2send treats all incoming messages the same, while allowing e-mail recipients a way to set a delivery fee. pay2send coexists with SMTP rather than trying to replace it pay2send is built on top of a working micropayment system, such as The pay2send infrastructure is decentralized, as much as possible, but no more. pay2send is a sender-pays MTA extension. pay2send forwarding service does remailing rather than forwarding (see for a discussion of the difference) pay2send is built on top of a working cashbox system, so that payments are aggregated to be between MTAs when possible rather than all paid message deliveries generating a transaction on the central payment system.

David Nicol 14 Sept 2003