About the second AIS server at www.pay2send.com

The AIS server at aissri=http://www.pay2send.com/cgi/ais2/ is intended as a public resource. E-mail addresses stored in it will be shared with anyone who asks.

This AIS server sends you an e-mail to the address registered with it whenever a browser login occurs, and whenever a web service obtains your e-mail address from it.

ais2 is a "hard" ais, which means that it only issues a identity ticket when there is an authenticated identity. When connected to by a user who has not logged in already, it issues a log-in page immediately, making it unsuitable for use in certain AIS repeaters. A "broken image link" does make perfect sense as an icon for a service you're not logged in to however, so I guess it would work fine if you are willing to live with that ugliness.

ais2 uses the same database as ais so if you are logged in to one you are logged in to both. For more information about the Authenticated Identity Service, see the AIS design document.