May, 2007: TipJar Advenge was presented at the "New Venture Challenge" as David Nicol's final project for new venture creation class, and has received attention from a local business incubator.

The pay2send e-mail domain, a demonstration of the Advenge SMTP server, has been on hold pending organization of the business aspects of the operation, to allow reliable operations during the scaling up period between relaunch and turning a profit from advertising fees from direct e-mail marketers willing to pay to send and other revenue streams, such as a spread on trading between types of reputation tokens in the tipjar reputation token exchange marketplace.
During the brief period of the testing of the Advenge system, about a hundred users signed up and were thrilled to have no spam at all forwarded to them through the pay2send forwarder.
the pay2send web pages when the service was briefly operating


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